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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Thomas Perez (a Texas licensed HVAC
& Refrigeration Contractor). I want to introduce you to the Combat P-trap
System (Patent #9,359,750 B1). Our product is not only an improvement
on the "P-trap" but it is a multi-purpose cleaning, clearing and timesaving
apparatus. This product provides drain clearing access for any technician
with nitrogen, or a vacuum to suction the clog, and a biocide tablet
dispensing point as well as saving time and money for technicians and
Functions are as follows:
1. Drain clearing achieved through its uniquely designed blow out valve
allowing for easy access with a nitrogen tank or vacuum to clear out
clogged condensate drain lines.
2. Constant drain flow maintenance through the unique condensate drain
line treatment tablet dispensing method. Thus, eliminating or preventing
blockages of condensation drain lines due to the buildup of bacteria, slime,
rust, scale, sludge, airborne dust, silt and algae.
3. Noise reduction thanks to the p-trap reducing the reverberations of
airflow and draining condensate as they move through the drain lines.
4. Time saver for technicians who traditionally have to cut drain lines in
order to blow out or suction out a blockage that have already caused the
system to fail and possibly overflow water into the home. On many types of
coils in older homes, there is no inspection door and technicians are forced
to cut apart the transition to access the drain pain to add chemical tablets.
Likewise, on air handlers and box coils technicians have to tear apart the
actual air handler or box coil to access the drain pan for tablet dispensing
and then put it back together.
5. It can be easily insulated with standard insulation found at all parts
6. Fits almost every Biocide tablet found at any A/C parts supply house.

Our mission is that this device will rid technicians of a time consuming and
arduous task. Allowing for speedy maintenance and clearing of any
primary drain line. As of February 1, 2016 Uniform Mechanical Code
requires a drain line apparatus such as this one; not requiring
the technician to cut the drain line.
The Combat P-trap has been patented since June 7, 2016. The recent
requirement from the State Regulating body shows promise that there is a
need for our product. In addition, this product reduces the occurrence of
incidents by which the consumer or technician may accidentally misalign
similar products causing overflow of a system and water damage to homes
by eliminating the need to align any parts for complete flow or complete
valve shut off. Thus, differing from all the products on the market to date.
Our product does not require any special tools for installation like many of
the products on the market today.
Our goal is to donate a portion of product sales to benefit Combat Veterans
with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain
Injuries). There are over 2.3 million American Veterans who served in the
Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Over 20% suffer from PTSD, 19% suffer from TBI,
and over 7% suffer from both. Each day 22 Veterans suffering from PTSD
commits suicide. We want to help prevent these tragedies for those who
have permanently and dramatically different lives upon returning to
civilian life. A portion of these proceeds would go directly to privately
funding tools to help Veterans cope with their new lives.
Please let us know if you would be interested in further communications
with us regarding the Combat P-trap.
Thank you,
Thomas & Sarah Perez

Contact Thomas Perez via Email:

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